The identification of key operational risk exposures in business processes and IT systems, and providing hands-on solutions to mitigate these key exposures.

Implementing robust and cost-effective risk control frameworks and processes to identify, analyse, evaluate, and treat operational risks.

Operational loss capture and reporting.

Development of an operational risk classification and reporting structure.

Development of risk management information reporting and dashboards.

Design and implementation of bespoke software solutions.

The development of a comprehensive and integrated enterprise risk management framework and company risk profile.

The selection, implementation and support of third party risk management software tools, manual processes and end user solutions.

The development of operational risk management policy, risk appetite definition and measurement. Embedding risk culture, attitudes, skills, knowledge and behaviours into the organisation.

The monitoring and analysis of the external environment including competitor and sector activity and threats, regulatory, political, economic and social trends, and threats and opportunities from new technology.

The development of effective risk governance, organisational structures and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Risk management training and workshops. 

Risk scenarios, to test the readiness of organisations to withstand significant risk events.