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We are a specialist operational and business risk software and advisory company with expertise in the management of operational, project and technology risk, including the management of operational risk at the organisational level.

We take an integrated view of risk across organisations and ensure that a value-for-money approach is taken while maintaining a clear focus on key business goals.

Our approach involves identifying key operational exposures in both IT and business processes, providing hands-on solutions to mitigate these key exposures and implementing risk control frameworks and processes to identify, analyse, evaluate, treat and report on key risks.

Our solutions involve the development and enhancement of business processes and software, the development and embedding of risk governance, culture and processes and, where appropriate, the implementation of flexible and cost effective risk management software tools.

A key goal of ours is to transfer and embed risk management technology, processes, governance, skills, knowledge, and culture into client organisations.

We specialise in analysing the risk profile and capability of firms and identifying key exposures. We make recommendations as to how to improve the management of risk and how to mitigate these exposures. We also bring our expertise to resolving the exposures.

Economic, technological and regulatory risks are increasing and organisations are expected to do more with less whilst at the same time increasing quality and profitability. Old certainties are being challenged and new threats are on the horizon. Luxon Risk Systems is strongly committed to enabling clients to meet these challenges head on.

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